10 Clever Ways to Clean with Wipes

Giving yourself and your home a fresh start in the new year has been a tradition for hundreds of years. In the past decade, wipes of all kinds have become increasingly popular, and increasingly detrimental to the environment and to sewage systems everywhere.

Unlike conventional wipes, and even most natural wipes, Ode to Clean wipes are 100% biodegradable. This doesn’t mean you should flush them down the toilet (fatberg is still very real!), but you can use them on almost everything imaginable, and feel guilt-free.

So, where should you start? Here are 10 clever ways Ode customers are putting their wipes to work:

1. The most obvious: kitchen countertops and surfaces, like cutting boards, sinks, cabinets, and dining tables.

2. Remove your makeup without getting harsh chemicals and weird smells all over your face.

3. Freshen up your shoes. These wipes are gentle on leather surfaces, and particularly handy if you have white rubber soles that need some touching up.

4. Tidy up your kiddo's play area. Our wipes are safe to use on their toys, crib, and playthings--the hydrogen peroxide evaporates into air and water, so no harsh chemicals or nasty residues! We’ve even seen our wipes take marker off of a white door.

5. Your electronics. Wipe down the surfaces of your smartphone, your laptop, your TV, and your external monitor screens without worrying about drips of chemical-laden liquid getting into the hardware.

6. The floor! The wipe fabric makes it perfect for picking up dust while providing just enough moisture for a deeper clean.

7. Your yoga mat or exercise equipment. If part of your new year’s resolution is to break a sweat, make sure you don’t leave your stuff stinky and grimy!

8. Clean your pets’ paws after a walk or playdate at the park.

9. Keep clean while exploring the great outdoors. Compostable/biodegradable wipes are perfect when you’re camping or enjoying nature--just in case anything happens. Please remember not to litter!

10. Lastly, the other most obvious place: bathroom surfaces, like your toilet, sink, mirror, and shower or tub.

What else do you use cleaning wipes for around the house? We’d love to know! And, as always, if you ever have any questions about our wipes, don’t hesitate to reach out to support@odetoclean.com.


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