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Race, Gender & Money: Who Works in the Jobs with the Most Contamination Exposure?

    Which occupations expose workers to the most contaminants? How often are American workers exposed to these contaminants, who are these workers, and how much are they paid? We decided to attempt to answer these questions by exploring the data. Ode To Clean is committed to providing a safe, toxin-free cleaning product. While many of our customers use our wipes at home or on-the-go, and we’ve done some studies on those pollutants, we were curious to find out what kinds of toxins people might potentially be exposed to at work. Using resources from the Occupational Information Network and the...

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11 Ways to Detoxify Your Home

In the past, spring cleaning meant decluttering, organizing, wiping down, and dusting your home. Now, people everywhere are adding and emphasizing a new dimension to cleaning: detoxifying. While visible messes are annoying, they are also easier to identify and get rid of. Toxic chemicals and bad bacteria (to distinguish them from good bacteria), however, are another beast. 

The good news is, small, simple adjustments, like not wearing your shoes around your home, can make a big difference. That alone will prevent you from trekking an average of 421,000 different types of bacteria all over the place. 

Click the link below for our full list of 11 tips to make your home a safer, better place to live this year.

What exactly is in our wipes?

Our wipes are made up of only two ingredients, plant starches and water. Some customers have emailed to ask us how this is possible, and we're here to answer those questions. 

Read this to get the 411 on what exactly goes into the making of an Ode wipe! 

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10 Clever Ways to Clean with Wipes

Ever wonder just how versatile cleaning wipes can be? Here are 10 ways Ode customers have used our wipes, including some cool surprises, like on their pets!

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Which Cleaning Products Are Polluting Your Home the Most?

Are you inadvertently polluting your home?

We took a closer look at some of the most popular household cleaners, including natural cleaners, and uncovered some surprising data about their toxicity. Read this post for charts and details on the most and least toxic cleaning products in your home.

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