The Ode to Clean Kit

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This kit includes:

1 refillable countertop container ($10)
2 packs of wipes ($5.99 per pack)

Our sleek refillable container (made from BPA free ABS) is designed for easy-pull access to wipes for every surface. Each wipe pack contains 60 pre-moistened wipes for a total of 120 wipes.

Purified water and plant starch (which is made into Bioperoxide, glucoside, and Loycell wipes). These are the only ingredients we use!

Customer Reviews

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Love these wipes!

I really like the softness and durability of these wipes. The container they come in is cool too!

Thank you Andrea!
Love the kit!

The container looks sleek on my counter and the wipes are easy to access with one hand. Love both the container and the new wipes!

Thank you for liking our wipes and design!

Easy to use,nice container,environmentally terrific.Thanks!

LOVE the box - the wipes, sadly not so much...

Was so excited to have found 1) a great container for 2) safe multi-purpose home/body wipes but sadly the 4 containers of wipes (2 orders) came almost all dried out?! AND they are weirdly 'slippery' when I try to use them? Not sure I'll reorder...


I love the container, very sleek and nice. The wipes are amazing, at first they feel dry but they are just right for cleaning. These are my new wipes for sure.

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Safer and effective for home use

USDA Bio-Preferred

Certified 100% plant based


We never do animal testing